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Enjoy a few of Anne Marie's songs from her albums Mon Souvenir and Chansons et Mélodies d'Amour. 

Recorded in Paris, Nice, Prague, and Omaha.


Anne Marie Kenny

Mon Souvenir


Song of the Jet 

Composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, recorded in Paris with the inimitable Bob McCoy at the piano. 

Sous le Ciel de Paris / Under Paris Skies 

Beloved French song by Hubert Giraud. with pianist Mitch Fuller at Round-a-bout studio in Omaha.


Jazz and Samba 

Another Jobim song, with the In Bloom Band, during our stint at Nice’s Beach Regency Hotel entertaining guests and musicians of the Cimiez Jazz Festival.

The Song is You 

Jerome Kern’s timeless song, recorded with the In Bloom Band in Nice.

Les Feuilles Mortes / Autumn Leaves

Joseph Kosma set this poem by Jacques Prévert to music, which has also become an American standard. With Mitch Fuller, recorded in Omaha's Round-a-about studio.


The late and great Bob McCoy is at the piano on this Neapolitan songs about Napoli.

On My Own 

From Les Miserables, originally written in French by Shonberg/Boublil, and recorded in Paris with Chris Biehl.

How Insensitive 

The inimitable Carlos Hergott on the guitar for this song written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Recorded in Paris when I was 21 and making my musical way in the City of Light.


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