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for Singers

For 20 years Anne Marie has taught voice lessons at her spacious and acoustically vibrant studio located in midtown Omaha. She delights in working with students of all levels, from accomplished professionals to beginners. Learn more by clicking the link below, or to set up a free consultation.


 for Groups

Master classes, often with guest instructors, are offered to VPS students and others.

Our most recent group class in  June was "Mock NATS Auditions" at VPS Studio from Students sang 1 classical and 1 MT song, and were rated on Breathing/Alignment, Tone, Musicianship, Language/Diction, and Artistry/Expression. Judges: Jim Boggess & Nancy Kenny. J. Novak Haar accompanied.

Lidove noviny photo-amkenny3.jpg

for Public Speakers

Learn vocal technique that will optimize your message and better engage your audience. We have a remarkable ability to enhance the quality, color, and sound of our voices. This class is for those who use 

 their voice professionally in any capacity. Customized for groups or individuals.

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