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"Anne Marie exhibited an uncanny ability to identify voice targets for all participants, and then demonstrated a preferred use of the voice. It was extraordinary. I would recommend Anne Marie to anyone who is required to spend any time in front of a room speaking."                      


                                         - Patrick Friman. Ph.D., ABPP, Vice President of Behavioral Health, Boys Town

Training for The Speaking Voice


Individual coaching and group training for public speakers and other professional voice users.


Your voice is unlike any other. You have a message. Optimize your message by enhancing the quality and sound of your voice. Singers learn specific vocal techniques to adjust the resonance, timbre, pitch, and color of their voices. You, too, can learn these techniques.

Anne Marie is dedicated to helping people draw on their voices for greater expression, connection to their audience, and to develop long-lasting and healthy vocal abilities. She has created and delivered training programs on presentation skills for a variety of professional voice users. Anne Marie also works closely with a laryngologist with whom she has co-presented master classes on “The Care of the Professional Voice.”


To find out more or to schedule a training, click here.

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