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Jim Boggess | Music Director, Omaha Community Playhouse

"In addition to being a fine artist in her own right, Anne Marie Kenny is also the finest vocal teacher and coach in the Omaha area. I have sent so many singers to her who were facing challenges with difficult roles, and her work with them has been incredible. Her approach, her personality, and her concern for the vocal health of her students has been a gift to me AND to them. The people I have sent her come away enriched, and with vocal abilities that have expanded beyond their wildest dreams. THEY SING HER PRAISES, AND SO DO I!!"

Janie Kilgore | J.D. Candidate, 2021, Georgetown University Law Center, and former VPS Student

"Studying with Anne Marie Kenny throughout my high school career and into college instilled in me a love of learning challenging vocal repertoire. Her focus on vocal technique, artistry, and foreign languages gave me a solid background in vocal music which prepared me for college choral and individual auditions and performances. Learning to perform in front of an audience taught me lifelong skills of confidence and professionalism that have been invaluable in my college and law school careers."

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Stavros Piperis  |  Singer-Songwriter, recent Boston College graduate, and former VPS Student 

"I am deeply grateful for Anne Marie as both a teacher and a mentor. Upon our first meeting, she welcomed me with warmth and encouragement, giving me the push I needed to sing with freedom and joy. Her own devotion to music--her intimate understanding of music's beauty and importance--has both propelled me to a deeper dedication to the art and served as an example, in my life, of what it means to feed one's soul. I could not more highly recommend Anne Marie to anyone who wants to sing."

Grant Mannschreck   VPS Student, Singer-Actor, and 1st place in State and Regional NATS competitions

"I have been training with Anne Marie for a year now and I can firmly say my vocal technique and abilities have improved more this past year than in all my previous years of training combined. She cares about your goals and will accommodate them, and she will devise a sure and steady developmental plan for you. Anne Marie is a truly remarkable teacher and I would recommend her to all singers, from those who sing as a hobby to top professional levels."


Tippi Denenberg   Mother of two VPS Students, Veterinarian 

"Anne Marie Kenny is an expert in her craft and knows how to work with both adults and children like a pro.  My musically-gifted child learned how to use his voice without strain, navigate his voice change in the teen years, and expand his talent in order to use it in multiple genres and languages. She turned another eager child who wasn't seemingly as gifted  into an amazingly competent and award-winning singer. Anne Marie's tutelage has propelled our kids into prime musical theater roles. When any voice issues arose, she was there to help solve every problem. I've recommended her to several friends, everyone of them grateful. Being in her house is part of the appeal; it feels joyous there and she's just plain fun. My kids love her."

Patrick C. Friman, Ph.D., ABPP   Vice President of Behavioral Health, Boys Town

"I have been teaching Front of the Room skills for many years, and I have written on the subject extensively. Although I pay lip service to a need for voice management, recently I added a voice coach to my training, namely Anne Marie Kenny. It was immediately clear to me and to all my participants that the most significant part of Front of the Room skills involves voice management. Anne Marie exhibited an uncanny ability to identify voice targets for all participants, and then demonstrate a preferred use of the voice. It was extraordinary. I would recommend Anne Marie to anyone who is required to spend any time in front of a room speaking. The final aspect of this is the confidence in their voice that she was able to impart to all participants. I have never known anyone who could impart these messages so persuasively."


 Winston Schneider  | Pianist, Composer, Singer, and VPS Student

“I like how Anne Marie challenges me in each lesson, by giving me more complicated sight readings each lesson, and getting my pieces to the next level in each lesson.  I also really enjoy the repertoire and learning songs in other languages, like Italian and French." 

James Verderamo  |  Actor-Singer, leading man in many MT productions, Active Duty Air Force, VPS Student 

"Anne-Marie exudes professionalism in her instruction. She is thorough, direct, and thoughtful in her feedback and works tirelessly for the sake of her students to achieve the best quality of sound in their voices. Over the course of my one year of weekly lessons with Anne, my voice showed significant improvement. Through implementation of a broad range of voice-conditioning exercises and training of classical vocal techniques via the challenging Marchesi method, I have never been more confident in my ability to sing!"


Dina Saltzman  |  Actress, Singer, Dancer, and VPS Student

"I am so fortunate to be studying with a voice teacher like Anne Marie. She gives me the knowledge I need to reach my highest potential as a singer. Through Anne Marie, I have learned many vocal and performance skills that I will take with me when I enter the professional world. She has taught me the power of versatility and precision as a singer. I know that with an education from Anne Marie, I will walk into the theater industry prepared and fully capable of achieving my goals."


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Kate Cavanaugh  |  Author, Singer, and VPS Student

"When I became a voice student  of Anne Marie's I quickly realized that her stylish studio sets the tone for the magical notes she draws out of each of her students. She's cosmopolitan and professional, and she has the ability to coach her students to be creative and joyful as they hone their voices and share their gift of song."


Chloe Irwin  |  Actor and Singer who seeks occasional coaching with Anne Marie

"My experience at Anne Marie’s studio was welcoming and professional; it is a lovely home studio, and a place I felt very comfortable in. Anne Marie taught me the importance of proper vocal technique, and developing ear training and reading music.  Anne Marie is very kind I have learned more from her as a vocal coach than any other."

Janice Edwards  |  Mezzo-Soprano, Professional Opera Singer, Vocal Instructor - The Janice Edwards Voice Studio

"My friend and colleague Anne-Marie Kenny has put her many years of experience as a professional singer to great use in guiding her young students toward vocal excellence and a high level of technical proficiency. I have had the privilege of observing Anne-Marie’s students perform in several of her Vocal Performance classes in her beautiful Omaha studio. Her students sing with conviction, engagement in the text, and a high level of vocalism.  But most of all, it is obvious how much they love sharing their gift of song, which Anne-Marie has lovingly instilled in them. The Omaha musical community is fortunate indeed to have such an experienced and devoted musical professional."

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Leslie Cavanaugh  | Singer, Choir member, Public Defender, and VPS Student

"I cannot say enough good things about lessons with Anne Marie. I have learned better breath control, better enunciation and singing style. Breaking an older student of a lot of bad habits takes much patience. She has it in spades. She is kind but firm, and she meets you where you are and helps you aim for better. I treasure our lessons!"

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